Our Story

We met at a work conference in Norfolk, Virginia that neither one of us had planned on attending. We

realized that we both enjoyed traveling, spending quality time with our friends, and had a love for

anything related to penguins! We both knew that what we had found in each other was something special and have been happily together ever since.


As our relationship grew stronger, our commitmentto raising a family brought us even closer together. We have been together for over four years now andare happily married. It feels amazing that we grow closer and stronger every day and we cannot wait to share our hearts and home with a child!

Our Careers

We both work as paramedics on a medical helicopter and absolutely love being able to help others and

give back to our community. Both of us love to teach and share our passion for helping others. You can

often find us at the fire department or rescue squad teaching CPR or an Emergency Medical Technician

Course. We are extremely grateful to have very flexible work schedules that will allow us both to be home as often as possible.

Meet Brad (By Justin)

Brad is funny, outgoing, devoted and loving, all characteristics that made me fall in love with him from

day one. He is an amazing husband and will be an equally amazing father. He is dedicated to helping

others and is always putting a smile on everyone’s face. He loves spending time playing with our dogs, doing anything outside in the sunshine or planning our next getaway adventure. Our nieces, nephews and friends’ kids love it when Uncle Brad is around to play. Watching Brad’s face light up as he interacts with kids shows me that he will be a great dad!

Meet Justin (By Brad)

Justin is always making me laugh no matter what weare doing and is the most caring, hard-working and dedicated person I have ever met. It has been amazing to watch Justin accomplish his dream of becoming a flight paramedic and I have no doubt that his hard work and dedication will overflow into raising our child. I can see him supporting and cheering on our little one at sports games, band concerts or whatever activity our child takes an interest in. Justin loves to learn new things and cannot wait to learn right alongside our child as he or she goes through school. He’s already shown me his excitement to read bedtime stories to our child. Justin will be an amazing dad!

Our Home

We live just outside the city limits of Bristol, Virginia in a small subdivision. Our street is often full of kids riding their bikes and families visiting with their neighbors. This area is full of outdoor activities for

families and children to be a part of. We look forward to taking our little one to feed the ducks at the pond or play on the monkey bars at the park! Our two dogs, Pepper and Dakota love being around people and playing fetch in the yard. They cannot wait to welcome a new friend to play with.

Our Interests

We love to travel and enjoy being active and spending time with each other no matter what we are doing. Two of our favorite places to visit are Washington, D.C. and Myrtle Beach. During footballseason you can find us in Blacksburg cheering on the Virginia Tech Hokies! Each year we always get season passes to Dollywood, a theme park just a short drive across the state line into Tennessee. We cannot wait to see the smile on our little one’s face as they ride the carousel and eventually the roller coasters. We look forward to sun-filled days building sand castles on the beach, exploring the museums of D.C., and hearing our little one chant “Let’s Go Hokies!”

Our Family

We enjoy spending time with our families. Our families are scattered in both Maryland and Virginia and

are extremely supportive in our adoption. Brad’s family lives in Virginia, not far from where we live, so we get to spend time with them very often. Justin’s family lives in Maryland and all live close to get her. Gigi (Grandma) cannot wait to smother our little one in hugs and kisses while Grandpa cannot wait to take our child outside to play. We love going to visit them for unexpected visits, cookouts, birthdaysand holidays. They look forward to opening their arms to our child as a part of our big family.

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